Tips to keep pests away from your home

Enjoy our tips on keeping those pesky pests and insects out of your home.

Keeping bugs from your home by Tim MIills American Pest Control The following are ten useful tips which we advise you to follow in order to minimize the risk of  pests invading your home.

  • A clean floor is key: be sure to clean up spills as soon as they happen and use soap and water rather than just a rag. By cleaning your entire floor at least every week and cleaning the kitchen floor a minimum of twice a week you will deter bugs like ants from setting up home.
  • Regular trash removal: do this every day because leaving trash in your home overnight is an open invitation to insects and rodents to snack on your leftover. This should include all trash cans, the candy wrapper in your office or play room is an open invitation for candy loving bugs.
  • Fruit should be kept in the refrigerator. FRuit is natural sugar that insects are attracted to. Whilst looking nice in the kitchen it also attracts flies, ants and anything else looking for a sweet snack,  especially when the fruit is nice and ripe.
  • Your sink should be kept clean with dishes being washed daily. If you just can’t bear the though of cleaning up until the morning then at the very least fill your sink with Keep the sink clean with dish washing soap and water.
  • Food and beverage containers which are not properly sealed will soon fall prey to insects and rodents. The solution is to keep a nice tight lid on all containers which are kept outside of the refrigerator. Tightly seal cereals, grains and seeds in air tight containers and you won’t be chomping on mouse droppings for breakfast.
  • Moisture attracts so make sure your bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms are nice and dry. If you find a leak then fix it immediately and ensure you wipe up all spills or splashes immediately.
  • Keep pets clean: brushing, bathing and using flea and tick protection on your animals, especially indoor/outdoor pets.
  • Cracked baseboards, cabinets, pipes, ducts, and fittings should all be sealed using caulk or any other appropriate sealant. Check the exterior and and caulk door frames, window frames, roof joints and any visible cracks on the exterior surface.
  • While protecting the inside of your home take the fight outside. By keeping the outside of your home clear of stacked wood, leaves or  plants your are preventing pests from seeking harbor there while they plot the best route into your home.  Remember to clear your gutters of leaves and other debris as these are also areas which can harbor insects.
  • Finally be aware of what you bring into the home. You will be surprised how many insects or insect eggs gain free passage into your home via a shopping bag full of many people unknowingly fruits and vegetables. The boxes and bags you use to transport these items are prime locations for pests or eggs. When these bugs enter your home they will multiply and can cause infestations. The German roach is especially known to be brought in this way, gross!

We hope you enjoyed these tips. Even though they present a good starting point they are not guaranteed to keep all pests from invading your home. If you continue to experience problems despite following this advice then be sure to contact us for professional help.